About Creativity. 

As a leader, I seek to establish a culture of CARE, which is characterised by the following principles:

Clarity of action guided by clarity of thought, vision and purpose;

Autonomy, anchored by shared vision and philosophy, and a commitment to excellence;

Reflection, and a willingness to unlearn and re-learn;

Excellence and high expectations; and Enthusiasm, anchored by passion and purpose.



I believe that the clarity of thought illuminates and elevates our actions. It helps us understand the what, why and how of our doing, and this can lead to doing less, but achieving more. Clarity precedes simplicity and elegance.

I believe in autonomy, anchored on a mutual trust that comes from a shared vision and philosophy, and a desire to do the best we can. 

I believe in the transformative power of purposeful reflection. It demands a commitment to introspection and self-scrutiny, and a genuine desire to better ourselves.  

I believe in pursuing excellence, always. It is the simplest, most effective way of making the world better, for self and others. Excellence is an ongoing pursuit, with no definite end point. 

I believe that passion drives us. We should be passionate not just about the things we do but more importantly, why we do them. Passion is driven by purpose, and sustains enthusiasm. It comes with an intricate understanding of who we are, and our place in the world.

© 2018 Saiful Idris

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