Between 2005 and 2015, I was the singer, guitarist and songwriter for indie-rock band, the Great Spy Experiment. The band created music that is the best of indie, rock and dance put together, informed by anything and everything except Pitbull.

As much guitar-led as it is beat-driven, with indie riffs juxtaposing irresistible pop hooks and melodies that tug the heartstrings, the music was created with the dance floor in mind and bedroom at heart. Widely regarded as one of the leading lights of the Singaporean independent music scene then, the band featured in internationally renowned events such as the Baybeats, One Movement, Singfest, ZoukOut, MIDEM and South-by-Southwest festivals and brought their music to audiences as far and wide as London, New York, Perth, Cannes and Taipei. The band's first album, Flower Show Riots, released in September 2007, garnered rave reviews and widespread acclaim both in Singapore and abroad. February 2013 saw the release of sophomore album, Litmus, yet another milestone in the band's quest to change the face of Singaporean independent music. The album was an instant hit, going straight to the top of the iTunes album charts in Singapore within 24 hours of its release.

The Great Spy Experiment disbanded in 2015.  The band played its final show at the Esplanade Concert Hall in Singapore on 5 June 2015, becoming the first Singaporean independent band to headline a music concert at that venue.

In 2016, I released an EP under the guise of faux-band, The E’s. It comprised a selection of songs that I had written between 2010 and 2013 but for various reasons, never got around to recording. The EP was my first project as a mixing engineer and producer.

In keeping with my personal mission of changing the face of Singaporean independent music, I have also been actively involved in efforts to promote the development of young Singaporean musicians. I was a mentor in the National Arts Council’s Noise Singapore Music Mentorship Programme from 2012 to 2019 and have spoken at a number of music workshops and events.

Currently, I am focusing on dance music production, a culmination of my love affair with dance music which began in the late 1990's on the dance floor of Singapore's renowned superclub, Zouk. It led me to picking up DJ-ing, with a repertoire spanning the dance music spectrum, from jazz and broken beats to deep soulful house, and from deep, tech-house and tribal house to progressive house and trance. I am also founder of SRNDR Records, an independent electronic dance music record label. 

Hear a selection of my musical works below:

CREDENTIALS – 2006-present



The Great Spy Experiment:

Class ‘A' Love Affair / Captain Funkycurls CD Single

Independent local release, January 2006

Flower Show Riots Full-length CD & Digital Album

Riot! Records/Universal Music (Singapore), September 2007

Litmus Full-length CD & Digital Album

Riot! Records/Universal Music (Singapore), February 2013  

Night Lights Digital Single

Fictionalism Records (Singapore), August 2019

The E’s:

Memories of Melancholic Horses Digital EP

Fictionalism Records (Singapore), April 2016

Saiful Idris:
J.K.S. Digital Single, Independent release
, 2019

Waves feat. SIMMS Digital Single, Harmor Records (United Kingdom), 2018
Moleculism Digital EP, Emotive Sounds (Denmark), 2018

Undertow Digital Single, Stickrsound (the Netherlands), 2019

Two Birds Digital Single, SRNDR Records (Singapore), 2019

Everything Digital Single, DataTech (Germany), 2019

Memories Digital Single, SRNDR Records (Singapore), 2019

Dark Room Digital Single, Bullfinch Records (Belarus), 2019

Providence Digital Single, SRNDR Records (Singapore), 2019

J.K.S. Redux Digital EP, SRNDR Records (Singapore), 2019

Muckin' About Digital Single, SRNDR Records (Singapore), 2019

Spitfire Digital Single, SRNDR Records (Singapore), 2020

The Cave feat. Eileen Jaime Digital Single, SRNDR Records (Singapore), 2020


Live Performances (Highlights)

(The Great Spy Experiment)

Baybeats Festival, Singapore, July 2006 / August 2009 / June 2012

ZoukOut, Singapore, December 2006 / December 2007

South-by-Southwest (SXSW) Music Festival 2007, Austin, Texas, USA, March 2007

San Antonio Indie Fest 2007, San Antonio, Texas, USA, March 2007

Singapore Day, New York City, USA, April 2007 / April 2012

SingFest, Singapore, August 2007 / August 2010

Mosaic Festival, Singapore, March 2008

Esplanade Late Night Series: A Class A Love Affair with The Great Spy Experiment,  Singapore, April 2008

MTV Sport B Plugged Festival, Taipei, Taiwan, June 2009

Ignite Music Festival, Singapore, July 2009 / July 2012

Countdown 2010, Singapore, December 2009

One Movement Festival, Perth, Australia, October 2010

Up To The Sky Festival, Singapore, December 2011

MIDEM Festival, Cannes, France, January 2012

Future Music Festival, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, March 2012

F1 Rocks!, Singapore, September 2013

Singapore Day, London, United Kingdom, March 2014

House of Riot! Showcase, Singapore, June 2015

(Saiful Idris)

Esplanade 10th Anniversary: Sound>Tracks, Singapore, October 2013

Mosaic Festival, Singapore, March 2014

(The E’s)

Baybeats Festival, Singapore, July 2016


Awards / Nominations (Highlights)

(The Great Spy Experiment)

Power98 Singapore Music Awards 2006, Singapore, October 2006

Favourite Breakout Band award winner / Favourite Local Song (for Captain Funkycurls) nominee

Motorola Street Style Awards 2006, Singapore, December 2006

Street Style Street Choice Award winner / Street Style Music Award nominee

Motorola Super-Style Mix Music Awards 2007, Singapore, April 2007

Most Popular Band Award nominee

Power98 Singapore Music Awards 2007, Singapore, July 2007

Favourite Band award nominee / Favourite Local Song (for Class ‘A’ Love Affair) nominee

98.7FM Countdown Special, Singapore, December 2007

Best Local Act award winner

Power98 Singapore Music Awards 2008, Singapore, July 2008

Favourite Band award nominee

Juice Magazine Awards 2008, Singapore, December 2008

Elle Awards 09, Titanium, Singapore, October 2009

Musicians of the Year award nominee

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