Personal Interests. 

All my life, my training has largely centred the visual arts. Throughout my years of formal education, art was a constant feature of my learning repertoire, culminating in a degree in fine art from Goldsmiths College, University of London, and a career as an art educator. But my interests extend beyond just art.


I've always been attracted to design as a discipline and way of thinking. In fact, my first serious aspiration was to become an art or creative director in a design agency. Due to circumstances though, I was unable to pursue that particular interest formally. But I do still practise design informally, learning it on my own and developing a portfolio of personal projects and those created in my day job.

I have however always identified myself mostly as a musician. Music has always been and continues to be my main creative outlet, and where my proudest creative accomplishments have been made. Growing up, music was a constant companion, perhaps the only constant. And thanks to an older brother who had an eclectic taste in music, I was exposed to and learnt to appreciate a wider variety of music than perhaps most. At one point I was listening to and loving The Beatles and death metal concurrently, and have always asserted that between the two, I had learnt all I needed to know about music. On hindsight, that might have been an exaggeration. I did pick up a lot of musical principles that I rely on in my music-making to this very day, but the thing that I love the most about music is that there is always so much more to learn, about the art and science of sound and our experience of it. To this day, I am still very much learning, and enjoying it too.

Here are some examples of my creative work (click on image):